Hard to find time this year…

This is probably going to be the hardest NaNo for me so far. My husband is in the hospital and I’m spending as much time with him there as I can. As a result, I’m online a LOT less to update here. But more than that, it means less time for writing! I’ve had 3 days over 1k so far, which means 5 below… and that 5 includes 2 with 0 words! Over the weekend I finally brought my computer to the hospital – I can type away while Mark sleeps, and then update my word count using the internet through my phone (but can’t do much else on the NaNo site).

Yesterday I wanted to write 5k, and started with just over the daily quota. Then Mark had back spams, and visitors, and I was sidetracked. I did end up getting back to it and ended up at 2500 for the day, and I’m damn proud of myself for that. Way to go, bonus words!

I’m hoping to keep playing catch up little by little, and I REALLY hope to get ahead at some point. My husband and his health come first, but I am determined to prove that I can win NaNo even when the going gets tough and the time gets short.

Year One (2007) I won in 21 days, with an average of 6-9 hours of work per week. Year Two I bumped it up to full time (35 paid hours a week, plus an hour drive each way). This year it’s full time plus hospital time. Each year that ups the ante and I can manage a win is one more notch in my belt, but more importantly it’s the chance to prove myself more every year. And that’s something I can really appreciate, competitive Aries that I am. I am competing with myself and intend to come out on top.