There goes that idea…

I am at 8003 words still and I am not writing again today, and was considering abandoning the few words I have because I’m struggling with this novel, and thought a more exciting idea might be fun.

So of course I turned to Tarot (Universal Waite) to try to find a new idea, and of course the cards had a different plan It turned out to be a reading about me! I got keywords from an app on my phone since I have nothing else here, so here’s what it says.

3 of Pentacles, 8 of Swords, 7 of Pentacles, King of Swords. Initial impressions: lots of sad faces! Mostly pentacles, money or earthy issues (forgot to mention work). Hard work leads to wealth, but not necessarily happiness.

Then I looked up the cards, and here are phrases that jumped out at me.

3P- planning, following a schedule, being prepared. Pre-NaNo this year I did lots of research to try to be prepared.
8S- feeling trapped by circumstances, being unsure which way to turn. With Mark being in the hospital, I have felt trapped in that I have less time for writing this year than usual. Not sure if I can even do it this year.

7P- reviewing what’s been done, considering a direction change
As I said, I’ve been thinking of going with a new story now. I was thinking of keeping the 8k I wrote if necessary, but hopefully doing a full 50k on a new story.

King of Pentacles- takes an idea and makes it work, meets all commitments and promises, serves as a rock for others to lean on, has regular habits and activities
I need to stick with my current story and show others by example that it doesn’t matter that I’m very far behind, rallying from way behind to come back and win it is what NaNo is all about. Plus I love my concept and want to see if I can meet the challenge I set myself.

So there you have it. I am sticking with this idea come hell or high water. 50k by November 30th or bust!!!!