Disco World plotting

Today I went to a write-in and moved my Disco World story from 1500-ish to 3100-ish by adding 1667. My new NaNo total is 11331 words, including my old story and notes, and I am still hoping to be able to do 50k on Disco World and not need the Cassandra story to be part of my validation text. All in all, I think it was a very successful write in. I definitely need the encouragement from others, though I still feel like I’m crawling toward the finish line.

I didn’t write more because I still need to figure out my plot, so tonight I used a spread idea from Corrine Kenner‘s Tarot for Writers. Since I have written about 3k I have a basic opening and very vague plot idea that I needed to add to. My main character is a boy (new perspective for me) named Joe. He heard the actor playing Maurice Gibb is in line to be fired, and Joe wants to be hired as his replacement. So I laid out three cards as a Three Act Structure, and afterwards laid out one more to be a “climax” card, to take place between acts 2 and 3. I’m using my Universal Waite deck, my usual deck for writing readings.

Act 1: Judgment – Going on the idea of new beginnings, this part is all about Joe wanting the job as the new Maurice Gibb. He has already heard that the powers that be do casting at the Saturday night dance competitions.
Act 2: The World – I saw the woman dancing in the center of this card and immediately saw it as a dance-off between Fake Maurice Gibb and Joe. This is unofficial – the job is not on the line just yet. Fake Maurice Gibb wins this round.
Act 3: The Chariot – Joe and Fake Maurice Gibb have an official dance-off. This time Joe wins and gets the job.

“Climax”: The Hermit – The fourth card from the top, after those for each Act, stands for events between Acts 2 and 3. Joe stays away from Disco World for a few days. He takes time alone to consider if he really wants the job, and to practice his moves.

I think as little as the plot is now, it’s more than what I had and it’s enough to get me started for now. Let’s hear it for pantsing!