Motivation is key

I posted my own NaNo Pep Talk on the Poughkeepsie region forum today, as much for myself as for other wrimos in my area. Then tonight I got my total up to 15325, which means 7180 on the new story in 4 days. I am determined. I can do this. Nothing can stop me. I have plenty of time left, and all the intentions in the world.


Day 17 Pep Talk from a Poughkeepsie Wrimo

Hey everyone.

This is a PSA, since we’re halfway through the month. Three simple words: Don’t give up!

I know, you are way behind (not all of you, but I am speaking to the ones who are) and you think winning at this point is impossible and crazy. Well let me tell you something. If you even wanted to try NaNoWriMo to begin with? You already ARE crazy! Now you just have more work and less time than you should, but it’s still possible. All you need is motivation, and that is something I know a little bit about.

Background, for those who don’t know: My first NaNo was 2007. I finished on day 21, after my boyfriend proposed on the 17th. He also won his first time that year. In 2008 we were planning a wedding. We both won again. 2009 was supposed to be a cake walk. Then day 3 my husband went in the hospital, and day 9 I stopped wanting to write my novel and thought about giving up. But you know what? My husband was in the hospital and yet he was still trying to write. Frustrated that he was on medication that made him tired and made his eyes not see straight, but trying nonetheless. Day 14 he was almost to 20k, and I had stopped almost a week before that at 8k.

So I decided to start over with a new novel idea. I wrote about 1500 that first day. I went to a write-in the next day and racked up 1667, then went home and brought the day’s total up to 3100. Last night I wrote about 1200. If my guy can write through severe back pain and medication, if Aimee can write through surgery on her arm, and if Shana can write with a baby… I have no right to say that it’s impossible for me to finish.

Plus, call it petty, but I would be embarrassed if my business/finance degree husband were to win and my English Lit degree self didn’t.

So I am going to win this year. NaNo is all about come-from-behind wins and big rally word count days. If I average 3k/day I can finish 50k on the 30th. I’m gonna do it, and you can too. You set a goal for yourself, and you can do it. Don’t give up because it looks hopeless. Just keep plugging away, and I’ll see you in the winner’s circle in two weeks!

Michelle (who thrives on encouragement, so keep it coming! lol)