AEDM: November 22, Wax Angel Painting

For my first project, it’s Sunday and I have time to do something extensive. This actually took a lot less time than I expected it to! The idea came from Goddess Leonie (click there for a video how-to). I love her wax angel project and wanted to make my own, but my art supplies were all up at my parents’ house an hour away… so I invited my brother to come hang out for a while and he brought my box to my apartment for me. I am SO excited to have all my stuff here. I have paints and brushes and lots of other great supplies, which will help me in this last week of Art Every Day Month.

So I did take a few pictures of the process, but I am not posting them all. Just the finished product. My angel has crazy big blond hair and no arms/legs, but she is mine and I don’t care. Her halo is glittery and the butterfly stickers make it seem even more like she is flying, with those big purple wings. I used acrylic paint mixed with water, some colors more watered down than others, and it’s a learning process for me. Next time maybe I’ll try using the watercolor paints I have.

3 thoughts on “AEDM: November 22, Wax Angel Painting

  1. I also have watched Leonie's video about making a wax angel – and i so love how yours turned out….absolutely adorable!!!!WELCOME to AEDM–I hope you enjoy your journey into the world of being an artist – you are off to a GREAT start!I look forward to seeing more projects from you – thanks for stopping by my blog – take care~!~

  2. Thanks. These comments made ME smile in the morning before I went off to work, and the encouragement definitely makes me want to keep going with AEDM.

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