AEDM: November 25, Clean Sink

November has been a very hard month for my husband and myself. He was in the hospital November 3-12 for back problems, and he has a long road to recovery, and now today we were in the ER for close to 4 hours where we found out he has the flu… luckily not strep or pneumonia, but the doctor did say it’s probably H1N1 since that’s what most people have right now. Treatment is the same for that and regular flu, though, so the doctor wasn’t worried at all.

It was a bad morning. We started at 7am when I woke him from a nightmare where he was being buried alive (I woke to him whimpering, “I’m not dead… I’m not dead…”), which turned into a bit of a panic attack, and then the stomach pain/sore throat hit. At 11am he was complaining that he was freezing, and I took his temperature: 100.9° F so I called his doctor about coming in. By 11:30 it was 101.8° F and he had started vomiting, and I called the doctor back to tell them I was taking him to the ER instead. When he was admitted around 12:15pm, he was up to 102.6° F. We left around 4 and it had started coming down.

So I haven’t had much time for traditional art. I usually have a sink full of dishes at all times, and today was no exception. But since I was off work anyway, I started washing them this morning. We have a tiny dish drain and I hate drying by hand, so when we got back I put away the dishes and washed some more. Then at 10:30pm I put those away and washed everything that was left. I don’t even know the last time I had an empty sink, so of course I decided it was long overdue to get out the Ajax and clean the sink itself. I sudsed it up and was shocked at how dirty the sink was before rinsing the soap was, and I realized that the sink could be my art. The day is almost over, I’m desperate… but I think the results are awesome, especially the fourth photo below. Finding art in everyday things.

Here is my sink, happy to be getting cleaned:

Then the after shot:

The sink is cleaned, but the food trap is still gross – the sink before shot would have looked a lot like that:

Everything is clean, looked really cool with water running:

Photos taken with my Nikon Coolpix P60. Photoshop tool: Auto Color

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