AEDM: November 26, Thanksgiving Love

Happy Thanksgiving!

I was thinking of doing a hand turkey, like we all did when we were kids. And then I remembered something I still have that I did in first grade. My teacher that year was intent on teaching us five things: Loving, Caring, Sharing, Helping, and Giving. We did hand turkeys that had one of these words written on each finger. In the spirit of this, my hand turkey has happy rainbow colors and a positive message.

There was a bump in the outline from my wedding rings, so I decided to leave it and color blue there in honor of this being my first Thanksgiving as a married woman. I traced with pencil, used a drawing pen to solidify the outline, then erased the pencil. I used the same watercolor pencils from the other day but this time didn’t add water. I think my turkey is adorable, I love the little face.

Thanks to everyone who has left love by commenting on my posts. They are really encouraging and keep me motivated to stick with this challenge.

2 thoughts on “AEDM: November 26, Thanksgiving Love

  1. my daughter and I did the same thing yesterday – we laughed and laughed – too much fun and so many memories – thanks for sharing it all

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