AEDM: November 27, Phonetime doodles

I am posting 11/28 but the art is from 11/27.

Yesterday my husband was notified by the hospital that the flu he was diagnosed with Wednesday (at the ER) was also a case of thrush, which is essentially a yeast infection in the throat. He was having trouble breathing so at 10pm I took him to the hospital again. It has developed into pneumonia that wasn’t there the other day, and he was admitted to the ICU around 1:30am. I got home after 2am and didn’t get to bed til after 3am (my mother stayed with me last night, love her to pieces) and then back up shortly after 7am. At some point today I will get more sleep, I promise.

This is doodles from when I was on the phone with my sister on my lunch break yesterday. Plus info about a book that came with a dream catcher (one of those cute-sy little kits at Borders). They are on a hot pink index card, because that’s what I had available to me.

I like drawing hearts and stars, I am very girly in my doodling. The “heart” is meant to be the knot in the star-balloon string, but I like that it looks like a heart. The big red circles began as me testing out a red pen to see if it worked, and then just kept doing circles and filled it in with color.
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