AEDM: November 28, Sending You All My Love

As I put in my other post today, with yesterday’s art, my husband is in the ICU. He has flu, thrush, and pneumonia, and trouble breathing. He is using a breathing mask to get oxygen – when we arrived at the ER last night around 10pm his pulse-oxyegen was at 77, which is VERY low (normal is 94-97 ish), so instead of completing triage they put him right into a room in the ER to put him on the oxygen. My parents and sister came down, and my Mom stayed with me in my apartment last night.

Mark doesn’t like the idea of just resting, as I’m sure most of us would agree for ourselves. He shouldn’t talk, so he tried typing messages on his cell phone. The ER nurse said if he keeps doing that, and straining himself, he could end up needing a breathing tube. So I confiscated the cell phone and told him he will get it back when he is feeling better. I posted on his facebook page that he can’t get messages and won’t see his phone for a few days. I’m very scared right now and just so happy I have such a loving and supporting family.

Since I can’t be with Mark at the hospital right now, I am sending him all my love and positive energy. This is a heart, a letter, and an envelope. Outlined with red pen, pink highlighter in the heart, and a black pen for the rest. I didn’t realize until after I was done that the “font” and sketchiness of the black pen outlines make for a rather sinister message… It’s nice to laugh, though.

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  1. Thanks Vicki, and that's so true. I got 2 1/2 hours of sleep last night, and haven't been able to take a nap, and he's sleeping most of the day away. I will definitely be in bed early tonight.

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