Getting Supplies; or, I Love A.C. Moore

I love A.C. Moore, the craft store near where I live. It’s big, it has lots of sections, and it is so much FUN. I have an A.C. Moore rewards card, and I get one point per dollar I spend in the store. Once I earn 200 points, I get a $10 reward certificate. Well, I went with a coupon for double rewards which means two points per dollar, and I spent enough that, added to what I already have, I will get the reward certificate before my points expire January 3rd. Yay!

I can get lost in that store, I can literally spend hours looking around. A few years ago I was in a class in grad school where I had to do a presentation on a children’s picture book illustrator. I chose Eric Carle, because I can still hear the voice of my elementary school librarian reading to my class The Grouchy Ladybug. And I fell in love with his technique. He paints tissue paper, then cuts and collages them together. I decided to make my own tissue paper collage, and I went to A.C. Moore for supplies. I bought tissue paper, of course, and I bought some paint kits, acrylic and watercolor.

Now I want to use these paints, but I don’t have anything to paint on! My wax angel is on a canvas board that was in a pack of two, and I have one left, but that’s it. So of course I needed to get more. I actually got 15 8×10 canvas boards, and 6 9×12. I also bought a large canvas, I think 20×24, and that’s going to be a challenge so I will work my way up to that. It’s my goal. I’ll start with smaller paintings until I build my confidence, since currently I have very little experience, and no training beyond 8th grade art class.

I got an 18″ metal ruler, because I borrowed one from work and then had to bring it back. So now I have my own. I got a plastic tablecloth so I don’t have to put down paper when I’m painting (or gluing!). Hmm, what else… Oh, oil paints! That’s another thing I don’t think I’m ready for, but I got an inexpensive set. And I got a book of watercolor paper!!! That’s exciting because my art journal has thin, smooth pages that are not ideal for watercolors.

I think that’s it. I love the arts and crafts store, and I wish there was one closer to MY house, but I guess it’s better this way because if I had a store closer to my house I would spend more money than I should. Anyway, now that I have things to paint on, I am going to try to get back to the creative every day challenge, officially starting January 1st but unofficially maybe before that. Hope to be posting a work-in-progress soon!

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