CED: January 1 2010, Creating my Goddess Year binder

This was less about creating and more about preparing for future creating, but I have pictures to share just the same! Along with over 250 (so far) women around the world, I have decided to use the beautiful Goddess Leonie‘s 2010 Creating Your Goddess Year Workbook. It’s 40 pages of rainbow colored worksheets designed to help envision what you want for 2010, and make it happen. For years I wrote in my journal every year on December 31 as a way of coming full circle, and I always set several resolutions… and I never stuck with any of them. My hope is that using the workbook will help me set reasonable goals, and follow through.

After printing the workbook, I put the cover page in a pretty pink binder I bought at Walmart for about $3.50 – pink because it’s my favorite color, and because its girly and goddessy. I am using a binder so that I can add to it as much as I want, and I have other Goddess Leonie e-book and workbooks printed out that I can put in here as well, like the Divine Dreaming Meditation e-book, and materials for the Creative Goddess e-course that I am taking starting in a couple weeks.

Inside I put pretty dividers that I got, also at Walmart. I got three sets of dividers and three binders: pink, blue, and purple. The purple is for a Tarot class I’m taking online. Blue for the possibility of whatever else comes next. I was SO excited that the dividers are in matching colors!

Then I put the workbook (sans cover, of course) in the first section of the binder. I didn’t start writing in it yet, but that’s the plan for January 2nd – to fill out the pages for reflecting on 2009. It was a big year for me, the main thing of course being my wedding in August… but that’s information for another day.

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  1. Mine is a lovely lime/spring green color. Although pink is lovely too, green is my color of choice. Have started on the workbook and it's helping already, of course. Leoni is wondergoddess!

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