CED: January 2 2010, Creating my Goddess Year binder

I already posted a CED entry for today, but I’m counting this also since the first post about my Goddess Year binder was for CED yesterday.

Today I filled out the pages for reflecting on 2009. I didn’t take photos of the first two pages, because it’s just handwritten stuff. There are sections for what I learned in 2009, and what feelings I want to release. And then there is a page with lots of blank lines for me to celebrate what I’m grateful for. And I decided to do this in photos and words:

Top left: best wedding in history August 9, 2009
Top right: fun honeymoon, new friends August 13-22, 2009
Middle left: met a new puppy, Mom’s pet Dutch 11-1-09
Middle right: becoming more creative – some fun arts & crafts projects November 2009
Bottom: paying off my car! ❤ 12-24-09

The binder is on my beautiful pink comforter. There is cardboard under the page because I didn’t want a chance of the glue messing up the next page. Above the binder is the blue glue pen I used to put the photos on the page. It’s amazing, works like magic. It’s Zig Memory System 2-Way Glue.

Finally, when it was all done, I put my hand in the Completion Circle, took some deep breaths, and said the words for each quadrant, officially letting go of the past year. I am ready to move on to 2010, and tomorrow I will work on a few more pages. This workbook is amazing, and though I’ve only done a few pages so far it’s already been such a great way to come to terms with the recent past, and I’m eager to see how it prepares me for the coming year.

One thing I feel strongly about: this workbook should take time. I think if I were to rush through the whole thing in one day, I wouldn’t be using it to my best advantage. The workbook took several days for Goddess Leonie to create it, and I know she put a lot of thought and energy into each page. The best way to use this workbook is to put a lot of thought and energy into it myself, and to let things marinate before I continue. But I do have a deadline: I want to be finished by the time the Creative Goddess e-course starts in a few weeks. Which should give me plenty of time to do a few pages every day.

Oh! I almost forgot! I added my other Goddess Leonie stuff to my binder! In front of the first divider is a page called How to be a Goddess. Next is How To Survive Work Meetings & Courses. Then a blue divider, and the 2010 Workbook, and Christine Kane’s Word of the Year Discovery Tool (which, of course, is not by Goddess Leonie but still related to facing 2010 with a purpose). Next is a pink divider, then the Chakra Healing e-books and posters. Green divider, then Creating a Mini Retreat e-book. Purple divider, Fly Beyond Creative Dream Frustrations and Fears e-book and Releasing Fears meditation notes and workbook. Powder blue divider, Goddess Guide to Sweet Slumber. Then three more dividers (green, purple, blue) with nothing else there… yet! I love that there is space left for future e-books. The Creative Goddess e-Course materials will probably go in the blue binder I got yesterday.