Tarot Classroom: First Assignment

The first thing I had to do for the Tarot Classroom is a one card reading. There were four questions to choose from. Then I shuffled and dealt one card. Janet showed us different ways to analyze our card, and then asked us to turn our findings into a reading – an answer to the question asked. I used my Universal Waite deck and asked, “What do I need from the Tarot Classroom?” I drew the 2 of Cups. Here is my conclusion:

I need to make Tarot simple in my mind. My block is that I feel like Tarot is so complicated that I’ll never be able to do it without looking up card definitions. I need to realize that I’m making it all a lot harder than it needs to be. 2/wedding = a new start. A couple gets ready to start a new life in their new home. I need to use the Tarot Classroom as a new start to my Tarot studies.

I really liked this exercise. At first my impulse when I drew the 2 of Cups was disappointment because I didn’t know how it could answer my question. But by analyzing it I see that it actually fits very well. (The specific analysis method will not be shared, as it is the basis for a book Janet wrote that she is shopping around in hopes of publishing it. So she asked us not to post anything too revealing.)

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