Tarot Classroom: What I hope to learn

I am renewing my desire to blog about Tarot! I am taking part in Janet Boyer‘s Tarot Classroom, which officially starts Monday, and this weekend I am going to prepare by printing up a few things for class that I can put in my new purple binder. I have dividers too, but I don’t know yet what the sections will be for. But I’m excited, and I will post a few pictures once I have that done. (I’m setting my intention here, even though maybe nobody even reads this, to strengthen the urge to actually post.)

I am planning on doing the assignments offline in my binder, but then I hope to post thoughts and reflections here. Janet is going to be teaching a new technique she developed for a book, so I won’t be able to share specifics of the lessons, but I will post what I can. I’m hoping to get out of this class a confidence about reading cards, and the knowledge of ways to read them without having to look at the LWB or other books for definitions of each card.

Next post: Pictures of my binder, and a card for the new year.

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