CED: January 3 2010, Creating my Goddess Year binder

No photos today, since I was just writing, but I filled out the next four pages in the workbook. A few cool things to note:

  • I left space in the bottom of the “what I’d like to learn in 2010” box, then made an arrow pointing in and wrote outside the box “this space left open for all the lessons I don’t know I need to learn!”
  • In the box about who I’d like to invite into my life as mentors, I wrote “I would like to turn everyone I meet into a teacher – I can learn lessons from them all” — and I do mean that! Even someone I don’t want to emulate can show me how not to act.
  • The gifts I want to give myself turned into four freedoms: financial freedom (no credit card debt), artistic freedom (believing my art is “good enough”), fear freedom (do 1 thing I am afraid of… every month! that’s the biggest challenge so far), and bodily freedom (loving my body)
  • Almost everything I want to release is a feeling
  • Books I want to read include one fiction written for adults, and at least one non-fiction written for adults (my intention is that it has nothing to do with writing or art, because that’s too easy)
  • Places I’d like to visit are realistic – there are only two places on the list, because I know I won’t afford many places. But I want to add local places to this like a local park, the track at the local high school because I want to start jogging with my husband… the nearby Chinese place that I’ve heard is fantastic!
  • Ways to make my home feel the way I want it to… mostly related to cleaning, and by that I mean de-cluttering!!! I need to clear out a lot of junk.

There is one more page I want to fill out today. That will mean the next thing to do is the list of 100 things I want to do this year… and that should be its own day, at least!