Intention Breeds Results: Self Coaching 101

The other day, I posted about something I wrote in my Goddess Year Workbook in the section on who I’d like to invite into my life as mentors and teachers. Today I have something else to share from that section, because I am amazed that just two days later I found what I was looking for. Is this what they mean when they talk about the law of attraction? Here’s what I wrote:

I want to find a mentor to teach me better ways to handle stress and marital fights.

Now first let me be clear. When I say “marital fights” I don’t mean anything physical, and I don’t mean anything out of the ordinary. Every couple bickers, and I sometimes have problems handling arguments where I internalize and can’t see things objectively. I have trouble stepping back from the situation to try to see things in a new light.
In reading Christine Kane’s blog archives, I found an entry which talks about ways to deal with criticism. The fourth technique she lists is Self Coaching, specifically mentioning Brooke Castillo‘s book Self Coaching 101. I loved the idea that I can coach myself to heal negative thoughts, so of course I googled it. If you click on the link for the book and scroll down, you will find links to three things that give you a taste of what the book is all about, three free downloads.
Self Coaching 101
First is a telecourse Brooke did that explains the basics of self coaching. I downloaded the mp3, and it’s about an hour and a quarter of awesomeness. Then there is a 9 page PDF that corresponds to the telecourse, and another PDF that contains all of the worksheets from the book. I listened to some of the telecourse last night, and the rest on the drive to work this morning.

This is exactly what I need! This is what I can use to handle stressful feelings, and arguments! This is what I need to help me stay positive. When I have a negative feeling, Brooke explains how easy it is to turn it around by identifying the thought that is causing that feeling, and then changing the thought. The most important thing is to remember that feelings are caused by our thoughts, not by our circumstances.

I’m not going into further detail, because the materials on the site are available at no cost. If you are interested in learning more, please go ahead to Brooke’s site and check it out for yourself. Here, I’ll even post the link to the Self Coaching 101 book site again. Personally, I’m going to check out my local libraries (easy, since I work at one) to see if they have the book I can look at before deciding if I want to buy it. But I can see how even just the free materials will be a huge help to me, and to anyone who wants a basic introduction to changing their feelings by altering their thoughts.

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