CED: January 11 2010, Creating my Goddess Year binder

More goddess binder goodness! Pictures today are from pages done yesterday and today. I didn’t resize anything, so you should be able to see my writing fully if you click on these… Reminder: If you want your own workbook from Goddess Leonie, click here to get it!

My medicine bag of tools. Love it! I had a lot of fun with the colors here, and coming up with everything to fill up my tool bag.

My Goddess Habits. Easier than I thought – I used some suggestions from the previous pages, and also worked in a couple things I already do. Tonight I wanted to just leave a few dishes in the sink, but I feel better waking up and it’s all done. Plus it’s number 7 on my list, so I have to stick with it now… so I did them and it took all of three minutes, and I felt so good about it.

I did this page yesterday, then added two photos in the middle. I had my sister and Mom write me letters, then added my own stuff. The photos are of my sister and me with Bob from Sesame Street (my most recent pic), and me with Mark at our wedding last summer (photo taken by my friend Sue and posted on her Facebook page… love it!).

All of that (above) was yesterday… except the photos in that last one of course. The next pages were all done today. First, my Goddess Goals…

And ten things I want to celebrate about myself this year. I started the first one with “I am” and liked that, so the rest all start with that too. I think it’s empowering to celebrate myself by starting them off with “I am” and then telling everything I am, and I realized later that quite a few of them actually ended up with me wanting to share my gifts with others. That’s pretty empowering too.

So the only thing I’ve skipped is the To Do List Book, which I think I’ll wait until this weekend to do. I am so glad I got pretty new pens before starting the workbook – don’t my pages look pretty? I turned that last page into a desktop background (VERY simple, nothing fancy just yet) to remind myself of what I want to celebrate this year… although it only takes up half the screen, so I might have to add my Goddess Habits to the other side of the screen… At any rate, I’m really excited about this year, and I’m glad to share my goddess journey with you. And if you like what you see on this blog, you can click the link in the sidebar to become a follower.

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