Tarot Reading: aftermath of a car accident

I have some catch-up work to do for my Tarot Classroom with Janet Boyer (link in the sidebar, it may be full now). However, just the first assignment (one card about the class) helped me so much, I just pulled three cards and read them, no book or question or spread required, and it actually made sense!

Queen of Swords, Knight of Wands, King of Cups — Universal Waite

The Queen is me, sitting on my throne. (Swords signify intelligence, plus she has a butterfly on her chair which both indicate me.) The Knight has lost control of his horse, and it looks like he is trying to stop himself from running right into me. In November, my stopped car was hit by a guy trying to move into my lane. The guy was in his work vehicle, like the horse is the “work vehicle” of the Knight.

The King is facing away, but looks at the scene over his shoulder. He holds in his hand a small staff-like thing that reminds me of a judge’s gavel. Yesterday my husband (the King is husband to the Queen) was on the phone with the other guy’s insurance company to argue the letter they sent me offering to pay 2/3 the cost to fix my car. They said the accident was partly my fault, which is dumb because my car was not moving when he hit me, and he had admitted he didn’t see my car. So my husband is the King, not at the scene but still looking out for me, making sure the end is just.

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