Creating my Goddess Year binder: But wait folks, there’s more!

Just as I’m thinking, “I had fun with my binder, I wish there was more” … now there is! I just got an email from Goddess Leonie to say that she was inspired to create more for the workbook, so I followed the link and entered the password she gave, and there it was: another PDF to download with FIVE NEW PAGES to add to the workbook! I’m so glad I decided to do this as a binder and not as a printed book, because the new pages will easily fit in.

If you already have the binder yourself and didn’t get the email, I’m sure you can write to Leonie to ask about it. (If you kept the original email when you bought it, the download link and password are the same.) And if not, I highly recommend you go get it!

I have plans for today and won’t start the new pages today, but I will print them out for maybe tomorrow, which is also when Goddess School starts. I’m taking the Creative Goddess e-course this term, and would love to see you there if you feel called. Goddess Leonie is so inspiring and even if you can’t afford the class or just don’t want to do it, check out her website if you haven’t already. There’s a lot of great stuff there that I haven’t linked to yet! LOL. But really, it’s awesome and full of sparkly goodness.

Not sure you want the workbook? Look forward to seeing my posts about the new pages, and see all my posts about the old ones by clicking below where it says “goddessleonie” or right here.