Altering cards: The Tarot of the Princesses

I recently got the Tarot of the Princesses, and while I’m very drawn to the images, the white borders are terribly distracting. So today I began the process of cropping them. I am cutting off the white borders, then rounding the corners with a corner rounding punch. Exhibit A is a (very fake) sample spread showing the white borders:

That shows the back and 4-6 of the Major Arcana. The next shot shows the back and the 0-2 after trimming:

And, for comparison, The Fool cut and The Magician not cut:

I think this deck is the perfect candidate for cropping. They already have borders built-in, and the white around that is just so distracting. The cropped cards are, obviously, slightly smaller and easier to shuffle. But more importantly, the colors spread in all directions. I love that. I am already even more in love with the cards than I already was, and I’m so glad I started cropping these. I haven’t done many of the cards, not even done with the Major Arcana yet, but I am going to keep working on this during my lunch break tomorrow.

Another small note – the corner rounding punch I have creates a bigger corner than the deck originall had, but I like that.

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