Word of the Year Check-In: February 2010

My first post talking about my word of the year feels like it was written forever ago, but really it was just over a month ago. My word is Presence, and it’s definitely a challenge at times.

While my husband was in the hospital, he did a lot of sleeping… and I did a lot of watching TV, and playing solitaire on my phone. I had a book with me, but for some reason I just didn’t feel like reading. On the other hand, since I couldn’t get on the Internet I wasn’t on the computer all day, which was a positive difference.

Now that he’s out, I have been on the computer less during the day than I used to, but staying up far too late into the night playing stupid Facebook games… they are evil, I tell you! They suck the life out of you and before you know it, you’ve wasted hours away. Here and now I’m stating my new intention: If I play Facebook games, I am limiting myself to an hour a day total. Okay, maybe two to start, but that’s the total for all the games I play there. I have to get a stopwatch application that can help me time it.

So what prompted this check-in? A post by Christine Kane about Getting Back on Course. It’s a video blog, and since I can’t print it up I took notes as I watched it. The first thing on her list of what to do to get back on track is “Be Present” — clearly this is speaking directly to me, as that is my goal for this year! She mentions that one helpful thing is to write down your intention and read it (aloud) every day. That makes sense, as it keeps it fresh in your mind if you’re constantly reminding yourself about it. I’ll have to figure out the best way to remember to do that daily.

Now that my husband is out of the hospital and in recovery, things should be returning to normal pretty soon as far as my life goes. I took a couple weeks off from work and will be going back Tuesday, and then I’ll be back home. So I am trying to get back into blogging a few times a week now. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers while I was away. I don’t have a lot of followers, but I’ve sure missed you guys!

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  1. We've missed you 🙂 Glad to read things are going well even if you spend too much time on the 'net ~ but not enough updating for us! *giggle* Of course, here is Ms Kettle calling Ms Pot colourist! ;)Sending lots of healing *Sparkles*

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