Back to (Goddess) School Again

I didn’t finish my first course at Goddess School yet, due to my husband’s hospitalization and surgery (he’s a lot better, but full recovery is still a few months off), but I already enrolled in my next two!

I started the Creative Goddess e-Course in January, and I can’t wait to continue working on it. I think the winter cold has prevented me from working on it lately, but I am determined to start up again now that the weather’s going to be warming up.

The next semester starts March 28, which is so so soon! If you want to take that one, join me in the Radiant Goddess e-Course or the Creating Your Goddess Haven e-Course, click here to check it out! I definitely need the Goddess Haven course, my home is a MESS and I need help finding ways to declutter and make it feel more warm and inviting.

Now that I’m back around the blog, I hope to be posting about my assignments to help me stay… dare I say it? … ON COURSE!

(image above copyright Leonie Allan)