Bizarre Tarot Dream

I had this crazy dream the other night, and it involved Tarot cards. I don’t remember most of what happened. I do remember that I saw three Tarot cards, but they were not real cards I’ve seen. And they were huge, like the people in the cards were life-size. And the things in the cards were moving.

The first card was crowds of people on either side of a raised platform walkway. The people in the crowds were not distinct, my attention was focused on a white figure walking toward me on the walkway, who looked kinda like the bunny on the cover of the book Pat the Bunny ( It almost seemed like the people were honoring the figure, and when I woke I felt like this was a Hierophant card. After waking, I realized the platform walkway was like a fashion show runway. (I’m probably the only person ever to relate the Hierophant to supermodels!)

The second card had a number of big, round, bright red, juicy tomatoes. I don’t know if they were flying through the air or just hovering. When I woke up I equated tomatoes with the suit of cups.

The third card had bright orange carrots, again I don’t know the exact number, but they were moving across the card and reminded me of the 8 of wands.

Apparently I was dreaming up some kind of rabbit Tarot! The rabbit/vegetables theme reminded me of Rabbit from the Winnie the Pooh stories, since he was always growing vegetables in his garden. I wonder what vegetables would represent swords and pentacles? For pents I’d have to guess potatoes, they are very earthy…

For the record, my cards looked nothing like The Rabbit Tarot (

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