Jessica’s Simpson’s new reality show: The Price of Beauty

Have you watched Jessica’s Simpson’s The Price of Beauty? I had heard about this before it aired, but watching the first episode last week was quite an accident (it was on the same night as Celebrity Fit Club, which I started watching because I love life coach Rhonda Britten and keep watching because I love Jay McCarroll and damnit, everyone is growing on me!).

The show sends Jessica, along with her hair-and-makeup-guy/friend Ken and her friend CaCee (sounds like Casey), to places around the world to discover what is considered beautiful there, and what dangers there are. They have a “beauty ambassador” to show them around, and they like going to the spa and getting local-flavor treatments.

The first episode summary from the VH1 website (someone has to tell the writer that using exclamations at the end of every sentence lessens their impact!):

Jessica, Ken and CaCee are on their way to Bangkok! First stop Thai massage! After a brutal twisting by their massage therapists, the cast is off to meet Sonia, their beauty ambassador in Thailand. Sonia leads the gang through the open market where they learn that Thai women like their skin to be as fair as possible. Enter Panya, a woman disfigured by the overuse of bleaching cream. Jessica is moved to tears by Panya’s emotional story. Up next, Jessica visits a monastery where she gets the giggles while attempting to meditate with a monk! Finally, the cast ventures to the outskirts of Thailand to visit the Karen Hill Tribe of “ring neck women” where they witness a little girl getting her first of many rings to come. Jessica, Ken and CaCee are adorned with their own rings and celebrate this exotic beauty ritual with a traditional feast!

Jessica is definitely a good choice for hosting, as she has been both loved and laughed at by critics. Perhaps her most famous faux-pas was this outfit, which caused an outcry over how “fat” she had gotten:

I admit I was not too nice when this photo came out, but I don’t think she’s fat. I just think she could have chosen a more flattering ensemble.

I think the show is really interesting. I have seen every episode ever of America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway, and though I’m 5’1 (too short to be a model) I practice my runway walk every chance I get. But learning about beauty on a global level is on a different level.

I know, this post is not completely cohesive, but I am surprised by this little gem and just want to spread the love. And I would probably laugh uncontrollably, unintentionally, while try to meditate with the Buddhist monk too. And I always like to brag about my runway walk, I would totally rock it on a runway. 🙂

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