Attempting the Screnzy…

I VERY LAST MINUTE decided to try to do Script Frenzy this year! It’s like NaNoWriMo (write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days), it’s created by the same person as NaNo, but the goal is to write a 100 page script in 30 days. I have never written a script in my life, unless you count a one-act play I had to write in junior high English class, and I’ve really never wanted to write one. But since I failed NaNo09 due to the circumstances of my husband spending half the month in the hospital, I kinda feel like I need to do this so that I can go into NaNo10 with my head held high and knowing that failure was a one time thing. I don’t want to start NaNo with a defeatist attitude, because that won’t help anything.

I have learned from my failure. I learned that it’s okay to not have a perfect record. It’s okay to give up when the end is nowhere near possible. It was actually liberating to ALLOW myself to give up. I had all these people cheering me on from the sidelines, or as they raced past me with their own noveling progress and left me in the dust, and it felt like if I wrote and wrote and got to the finish line with less than 50k, I would feel like it was a waste of effort. By allowing myself the freedom of giving up, I was able to save myself from the hopeless insanity. Was there a chance I could still get 50,000 words? Sure. But it would have been absolutely horrible and I would have never looked at it again.

For NaNo10 I am probably going to try the same story idea, tacking on 50k extra to what I already have. Cheating? Technically, yes. But I didn’t really have a fair chance last year, and I don’t care. Plus I have the rest of the year to continue pondering and jotting down ideas as they come to me.

But it’s April now. Script Frenzy has begun. I decided to do it at about 11:44pm and 16 minutes later I was writing whatever came to mind. I am using, which is awesome because it does most of the work for me. I decided on my first ever fanfic, a “lost” episode of Friends called “The One That Was Just A Dream” — “In Gunther’s dream, bad stuff happens to Ross and Gunther finally gets the girl.” I plan on including far too many references to other episodes, because that is fun, and I also plan on including cameos by Janice, and the Gellars (Ross and Monica’s parents).

Of course this will mean breaking out the DVDs when I get writers block!!! 😀