Update on Mark

You know things are rough when “he has a concussion” is good news! But that’s the case, Mark saw a neurologist on Wednesday who said all of the craziness is symptomatic of the concussion. He ordered an EEG and MRI, and hopefully the results all point to no other problems. In the meantime, he is still back up at my parents’ house for at least two weeks, which is when his follow-up appointment is with the neurologist. So the MRI was tonight, and the EEG is Tuesday. All he said about the MRI is that it was loud and his head hurts, so I guess if there was any worse news my parents would have called to tell me. So that sounds promising. Neurologist says Mark should gradually get better, so we still need prayers but I think things are getting … no, I keep jinxing things so I will just leave things as they are and let you come to your own conclusions.

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