They try to make him go to rehab…

Mark is still in the hospital from his fall Wednesday night. He is still suffering from various symptoms related to the concussion, including dizziness and occasional memory lapses. He sometimes stops mid-sentence and forgets what he was saying. And he woke in the middle of the night early Friday morning not knowing how he got to the hospital or why he was there. He had to have the nurse come in and read his chart to him, and then piece by piece things came back to him.

The neurologist wants him in a rehab facility due to the dizziness and falling, and for management of all the medications. (We don’t know if Mark has been accidentally overdosing, on account of the memory problems.) Mark’s first choice doesn’t have an opening and another may not take the insurance. So it looks like Mark will probably be staying in the hospital for at least two weeks and getting treatment and physical therapy at the rehab center on the second floor of the hospital.

Mark is in a Catholic hospital. He has a nun, Sister Bernadette, who visits him in the morning. He told her that he is Jewish and doesn’t want to talk about Jesus, of course, but he likes talking to her. He also got a visit from a pet therapy dog yesterday, I think a chocolate lab. The food is worse than his mother’s (and she’s a pretty terrible cook), and his misses my mom’s cooking.

As always, keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

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