Illumination on the Tarot Nova!

I love this quote from Dennis Fairchild’s website. He’s the guy that wrote the book accompanying the Tarot Nova, one of my favorite decks.

Also in the early 1990s, I was assigned to write Tarot: The Complete Kit, a beginner’s book on tarot card interpretation for an in-house deck they called the Tarot Nova.  I’m a huge fan of artist Julie Paschkis who designed the Palm-Reading: Little Guide book.  But my apprehension over doing this particular project was that I wasn’t privy to Julie’s creative designs from which to base my words; it wound up being a good, albeit generic, tarot card interpretation book with good info for divining from any of the hundreds of other tarot decks available.

I did my job, solo. Likewise, Julie did hers minus my text. Neither of us knew or saw each other’s work until the buying public did. And like dining at a buffet, I like some cards but not others. Nevertheless, the packaging and design is wonderfully deluxe, and continues to be a best-seller around the world.

The 78-card Tarot Nova deck at right comes complete with my 87-page booklet and layout “map,” and is on sale via or Running Press for under $8—sweet!

I knew it! I never felt like the book really jives with the images, and now I know why.

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