Green Product Reviews #2:

So I don’t remember where I got the link from, but I heard about and decided to try it out because they have sample sizes available of just about everything they sell. And even if they aren’t free (there is a small price for each, plus shipping), it’s definitely worth it to have a REAL try before you buy (full size) experience when online shopping.

So I thought about what I want to get first. Lip balm is a must. Lotion, definitely. Deodorant, should get it. Blush, eye shadow, and a lip color just in case I have an occasion to go out and dress up for. So I spent under 12 bucks to get some samples, and here’s the verdict on everything. If you’re interested in trying any of these, the item number is also listed and you can plug it into the search box on the site.

First off, they arrived in little plastic pots like paint pots you get as a kid that are all linked together, except these have been cut apart. I like that it’s a real organic feel to it even though they are in plastic. I feel like each sample was put together specifically for my order.

Spearmint Lip Balm sample (WS908s) by Wild Sage
Holy crap, I am in love. Creamy, smooth, and pepperminty. A little (and by little I mean tiny tiny bit) goes a long way.

Lip Recovery sample (LM5000s) by Lotus Moon
Decent… remind me to try it when my lips are really chapped, since supposedly it’s awesome for that.. Texture is more like most conventional lip balm like Blistex.

Lavender Body Lotion sample (PP204s) by Paul Penders
Um… no! This doesn’t even smell like lavender to me. Definitely a give-away.

Lemon Body Lotion sample (PP206s) by Paul Penders
LOVE the smell, seriously. Not as thick as a lot of conventional (and when I’m saying that word, I mean commercial stuff full of toxic chemicals, the kind of stuff I used to buy without thinking) lotion, which I like.

Lavender Deodorant Stick sample (TN402s) by Terra Naturals
Definitely smells better than the lavender lotion! Feels like a bar of soap, not as drying as Secret branded deodorants (my old brand). So far it’s a keeper, but I think this will need long-term results to be sure.

Desert Bloom Loose Blush sample (EB752s) by Earth’s Beauty
Keeping in mind that it’s loose and I’ve only used pressed makeup in the past I was careful not to use too much. The color is really nice and natural on me. It’s the kind of color I would dab on my lips after putting on lip balm as a cheap (and more natural) alternative to lip stick, which I’ve never been overly fond of anyway.

Copper Loose Eye Shadow sample (EB820s) by Earth’s Beauty
Again, it’s loose so I had to be careful. I read online that a color like this is supposed to be good for making blue eyes pop, which is why I chose it. I don’t know that it makes my eyes look any more blue, but it does look nice. Fairly natural (something like purple would be obvious that I had makeup on), and with the hint of blush and my natural lip color it looks good enough to not even need lip color.

Wild Rose Lip Glaze sample (EB878s) by Earth’s Beauty
Okay, so the true test. One side done with lip glaze, the other side done with the blush patted on the Spearmint Lip Balm. The side with blush looks nice with the matchy-matchy monochromatic look (would probably look nice with the blush as eye shadow too, but I didn’t think of it). The other side… I have to admit, I was nervous looking at the dark cinnamon-red color of the lip glaze. But let me highlight the word glaze. It’s like a gloss, where it looks like a lot more color in the container than on the lips. That side actually looks really good too! And both are subtle, not dramatically different from my lip color, so it looks very natural.

I’ve never been one for hugely obvious makeup. I like looking pretty but natural — enhancing what I’ve got without looking like what I’m not. And I hate “feeling” like I’m wearing makeup. The products I tried are all lightweight, and I can’t “feel” them on my skin, which means I won’t be thinking about my face constantly while wearing them.

So the cosmetics I tried out are actually really good choices and I would definitely buy them when the samples run out (which could be a while, since I don’t have big plans to go anywhere in the near future). Except the lavender lotion, which I don’t like the smell. The only other thing to add? Mascara. I wear glasses, so I like the way mascara makes my eyes stand out more behind my frames. And possibly a couple other colors. But not too much, since I don’t need a lot like I used to have! In fact, since natural makeup goes bad sooner than makeup with toxic chemical preservatives, and since I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis, I will probably save money by only buying sample sizes of the blush and eye shadow, and limit myself to no more than two lip glazes.

Final look: (yes, this is actually me, and if you look closely you can tell my lips are two different shades!)

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