Tarot Reading: Mark’s recovery

 This was not an easy reading. I had to work on it. My initial impressions couldn’t help me in the meaning, although I was on the right track on all three, so I turned to the LWB to help me out. With that extra little push it all made sense. Here is my thought process, as written in my reading notebook last night:

I like the 10 of Cups. It is a happy couple. Laying on the ground, surrounded by mostly empty cups. Looks like the morning after drinking all night. They may be Romeo and Juliet dead at the end, but blank stares may be stargazing instead. Me and Mark celebrating something? The 9 of Cups is a woman underwater, and a swan above. Maybe the swan is helping her up, maybe she is drawing him down. Fish looks at scene, like it is looking in? High Priestess is weird, and the eye-less cat and mice are freaky. She has eyes, though – sees what they can not. Means… what? no idea.

Notes from LWB:

High Priestess – familiar with life that goes unseen, beneath floors and in the walls. what others may demean, she values and protects

10 of Cups – well-matched, balanced… shared love, always strengthen each others’ calm center and create a safe place that you can always visit

9 of Cups – even when buried by our feelings, we may still raise our eyes and our hands toward our goal, our hope, our inspiration. there are times when the only way to go is up.

10 of Cups – Mark and me, perfect couple. We strengthen each other through tough times.
9 of Cups – on same side as man in 10 therefore it represents Mark. depressed and at the bottom, he has fallen so far, he has only up to go now.
High Priestess – on same side as woman in 10 therefore it represents me. Maybe because even when Mark can’t see the positive ending, I still can see it and fight for him to trust that it’s there too.

Deck: Tarot of the Sweet Twilight

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