Why I Wanted To Start This Blog

NOTE: This was written before I combined my TTC/baby blog with my “regular” blog, so it’s just about that part of it now.


Yesterday I had my yearly exam with my OB-GYN, Dr. B, and I told her that I want to stop taking my birth control, and start getting my body ready for a baby. I know it takes time for my body to get back into a natural rhythm after taking birth control pills for a few years, and that I am not in optimal physical shape right now. I need to start exercising more and eating more healthy foods. I was weighed twice yesterday (I also had a physical with my PCP, Dr. M) and both times came up at 182 pounds. At 5’1, that is definitely overweight.

I have known that I need to get healthy before I can get pregnant, but I think I needed to hear it from my doctor before I could make changes. I am determined to lose weight. My goal is to get down to somewhere between 140-150 pounds. Dr. B gave me a prescription for a prenatal vitamin called OB Complete 400, which she would like me to take for at least two months before I get pregnant. The first day on it, I was very gassy and the burping left a tuna fishy taste in my throat. Yuck! Today, day two, I’ve been burping a lot less and there’s no aftertaste, so maybe my body just had to get used to it. The vitamins should help my nutrition, and I told hubby that we both have to start eating better. He has to help me, because I can’t do it if he’s still eating junk food. I’m also hoping the vitamins will have other positive effects on my body besides my weight, things like stronger nails and shinier, stronger hair.

I know the road to pregnancy will be a long one. My husband is still dealing with back problems that have been going on for over 8 months, and is having a surgical test procedure Wednesday morning, and if it is a success then he will soon have the full procedure. Then about 6 weeks recovery before he can return to work. We need to pay down debt, and build up savings, and move to a bigger apartment at some point, and the list goes on. But I am hoping this blog will help me to stay on track with my weight goals, as well as to give me a place to track other things, like my feelings throughout the process.

For full disclosure, here are some basic facts about me and my husband.

  • I am 28 years old and always imagined my first child would be born before I turn 30. So yeah, I feel a bit like the biological clock is ticking. Plus, I have always felt like I’ll be a good Mommy, and babies are SO cute. (I know, I know, bad reasons for wanting a baby. At least I didn’t say I just want someone to love me!)
  • My husband is 32 and trying to get better from some major back problems. For him, there is a lot more to talk about before we can have a baby. I appreciate his practical side for that reason.
  • We have been unable to have sex due to his health issues.
  • I am pretty open, and will NOT spare you the details you may consider to be Too Much Information. I also won’t give you a “TMI Warning” — if you don’t want to hear it, don’t read this blog.

Anything else you want to know? Ask me anything and I will probably answer it.