Goddess Circle opening soon!

I do not hide the fact that I love Goddess Leonie (photo above from her site). I love her blog. I love her videos. I love her beautiful baby girl, Ostara. I love her products – the Divine Dreaming meditation, the Chakra Healing meditation, and the Releasing Fears meditation (all of which can also be purchased together). I love the courses she offers in her Goddess School. And I love the 2010 Creating Your Goddess Year Workbook.

And now she’s packaging everything up together and presenting the Goddess Circle! I am so excited about this. Not only is she offering all of her previous e-courses, meditations, and the workbook for just $99, but she is ALSO giving Circle members everything she creates in the next year. Included in that price. Which is awesome. The value of the stuff she’s already created is over $400, plus almost $200 for the two e-courses she plans to make in the next year. Plus the 2011 Goddess Year Workbook. Plus access to the private Goddess Circle forum. It’s amazing how low Leonie is setting the price, and I have already jumped on the deal. If you want to check it out, please click here. You can also click on the links above to see what it’s all about.

My favorite thing so far, hands down, is the Divine Dreaming meditation. It helps me relax, let go of my worries and thoughts, and fall asleep. And I posted several blogs at the beginning of 2010 as I made my way through the workbook. I’m planning a post soon where I go through the book and see what I’ve accomplished, what I can’t (or no longer want to) do, and where I want to get back on track. Having a Word of the Year has been a challenge that I’m still working on, but I’m eager to see how many of my 100 goals I’ve gotten through.

Goddess Leonie is amazing and inspirational, and I hope you’ll check out her site if you haven’t already… or if you haven’t in a while. 🙂