Getting Ready for NaNo 2010: A New Working Title

No posts in over a month? Wow, I’ve been slacking! Don’t worry, I’m back for a while. Just about every day now I’ll be posting about NaNoWriMo. Yay! NaNo is my favorite holiday… except that instead of celebrating with candy or gifts, I get to write my butt off for 30 days. (It’s way better than it sounds.)

So last year was not such a great time. In fact, I gave up gave myself permission to fail because of everything going on with my husband’s health. This year, I won’t let that get me down. I am just as determined as ever to win, possibly even more determined. Last year I started a novel I loved, lost steam, started a different, more wacky idea, lost steam, and ultimately stopped trying. This year it’s back to that first novel, officially making me a NaNo Rebel.

I wrote about 8300 words of The Ultimate Rewind last year, and this year I’m picking it up and adding to it. My final total word count goal is 60,000 words. That means next month I am going to write a little more than 50,000 AND it will be my longest novel to date by quite a bit. But there is at least one other difference this year: I have finally thrown away my working title, which I hated. The new title is Cursed. For one thing it sounds a lot more like a YA novel, which is what I’m aiming for. And for another… I don’t know, I think the whole “ultimate” thing threw me. It was a horrible title that didn’t fit my idea at all, which made me lost interest in the novel. This title is a lot more exciting.

I am getting all prepped now. I have created my 2010 NaNo spreadsheet. I have typed the “No Plot? No Problem!” writing kit‘s Noveling Briefs and sent the .doc file to my free.Kindle email address. I have my reward stickers for every 1000 words I write (Care Bears this year). And I made my 2010 NaNo desktop background/calendar with word count goals for easy access. 🙂 Just a few more prep steps to do, like reading my notes/novel and figuring out the plot turns and characters and… but that’s what I do in November when I want/need to procrastinate, so I can’t get too far ahead of myself. 😀

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for NaNo 2010: A New Working Title

  1. Today I thought about what you said – that there's no more November, we just call it NaNoWriMo now, and I totally agree! I'm *so* excited. Stickers for every 1K you write is a really smart idea. I'm gonna do that too! Walmart, here I come 🙂 A cheer: Writing fast is what I do, I'm a WriMo, how 'bout YOU? Woot!

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