NaNo 2010 Checkin: Day 1

After the minor edits I did in May 2010, I am left with a starting word count of 7607 words. Luckily, with Q10 (the program I use for writing in NaNo… I mean November, but that word is not so much in my vocab anymore) I can show in the Info Bar my total word count, and my word count from a certain starting point. So my total word count tonight is 9675, but my 2010 word count is 2068. Not bad for the first day.

I didn’t get started until after 8pm. Last night it was about 10pm before I realized that I didn’t have my old file anymore. I scanned my printed pages into the computer, then spent a few hours using OCR software to translate it from a JPG to DOC, then I had to fix all the parts that were not correct. Amazingly, a lot of it was fine. Formatting was the biggest problem, as the paragraphs needed to be fixed and there were a lot of spaces where they didn’t need to be, and commas that should have been periods. Plus I had a few hand-written notes to incorporate, which were written in May and thus don’t count as my November word count.

When I was all done, after several long breaks, it was after 8pm but I had 7607 to start with toward my 60k goal. Which means my NaNo goal is 52,393 words, which is 1746 per day. I am going to try to get at least 2k a day for at least the first week, so let’s see how I do with that.

The best part of my May read-through was that I figured out a list of things I want to add to my story. Scenes that need to be added based on the mythology, or based on ideas I had and details I already wrote. I have 15 plot points listed, plus there will be a lot more to make a full story, and my 2068 today were all part of one of these plot points (and I didn’t even finish it). If this keeps up, I should have no problem getting to AT LEAST 60k, maybe more.