NaNo 2010 Checkin: Day 3

Today words: 1,669
2010 words:   5,809
Total words: 13,416

5809 in 3 days. Under 2k today, but I did get my 1667 plus two so I’m still satisfied. 🙂 Of course, the NaNo site says I hit 5707 because I updated, then went back to write the last 102 but didn’t get that in officially before midnight. But still, I am ahead of schedule and as long as I get at least 1667 on days I work, I’m not going to have any problem catching up on the weekends and other days off. Just have to keep pushing myself every day, even when I don’t feel like writing.

I have a whole section from last year that is probably going to get cut. I am debating whether or not I want to cut it or change it. Whatever happens, it’s not going to happen until November is over. I need to keep going forward, and then if I get to my goal early then I will allow myself to work on revising it. But like Michaelangeo, I have a block of marble that I am carving until I can see the angel inside. Except in this case, I am writing the words and watching the story take form. Even things I hated yesterday are starting to seem like maybe they do have a place in this story after all.

Better blog post coming this weekend, with more than just this theoretical kind of stuff. I might end up copying my NaNo-related Facebook posts each week into a blog entry, if I remember.