NaNo 2010 Checkin: Day 4

Today words: 2,001
2010 words:   7,810
Total words: 15,417

190 less than my goal but I can easily catch that up tomorrow or over the weekend. I am really happy with my progress so far, and having fun with my new character (Cassandra is getting a boyfriend, and Apollo [in a later scene] is NOT happy about it!)

Again, it’s too late to write a full post as I have to work at 9am and it’s already after midnight, but I wanted to post my totals for the day. I will post day-by-day Facebook updates, plus maybe some filler, in here this weekend. I have been posting snippets of my novel at times there, so that’s fun. Also on my blogging to do list is a summation of what I’ve been writing, how my planning has helped and how I’ve ignored my planning, and what I think about the direction my novel is going in at this time.