NaNo 2010 Checkin: Days 5 and 6

Thought I posted yesterday, guess not…

Day 5
Today words:   1,690
2010 words:     9,500
Total words:   17,107

Personally had a very rough day, but I’m happy with my progress. 500 words behind my personal goal of 2k/day.

Day 6
Today words:   1,750
2010 words:   11,250
Total words:   18,857

750 behind my 2k/day goal, but still feeling good about my word count. I’m still ahead of where NaNo officially says I should be, it’s Fall Back so I get an extra hour, and tomorrow I’m going to Panera to write-in with friends. Kim and Ryan are going to get there at 9, and I’m hoping to be there by 10. Then the regional write-in officially starts at 1, so there will be more people to hang out and write with.