NaNo 2010 Checkin: Day 7

Today:  1,753
2010:  13,003
Total:  20,610

Today I got under 150 words done while at Panera for 5 1/2 hours for a write-in… but I don’t generally write much at write-ins. I go for the socialization, and for bouncing novel ideas off of people. What I did accomplish was figuring out where to put all the scene ideas I had written in my notebook that aren’t in the story yet, which makes noveling a lot easier when I know bits of what I want to write, and where they go. Just doing that has changed my view on it from “a bunch of words” to “act one is done, and I have some solid ideas for acts two and three, so even though i still need to figure in a few more things, it’s actually starting to resemble a novel!” So yeah, I wanted to be at 14k by tonight, but I’m still ahead on my word count and I’m making steady progress, and I’m having fun and loving where my novel is going.

The boyfriend Cassandra told me she had, who was supposed to be a bit part, is turning into quite the leading man! Talking to my friend Kim about my novel has given me a few awesome ideas that I think will definitely help this novel “work.” I’m putting the scenes in order chronologically, after Cassandra is walking through the rubble and starts telling the story forward from her childhood. In the revisions I will try reversing the order and trying to make things make sense as I see them in my mind. But for now I’m finding it helpful to just write in order (skipping around but ultimately in order) and it’s easier and kind of… letting myself off the hook for the fact that backwards is hard.

I wrote the other day that Apollo came back for Cassandra and she said she had a boyfriend. So then I had to backtrack and write in stuff with her boyfriend, meeting him and their first date. And it’s been fun, but I really like him and I want to add him in more. Apollo has to punish him, because Apollo does things like that, but now I want to keep going with him and have him survive somehow. So I’m working on it. Already have some ideas. 🙂 Thanks, Kim!