NaNo 2010 Checkin: Day 10 and 11

My hubby went to the ER Wednesday, just as I was settling in to write. So I only wrote 24 words, and didn’t even get a chance to update it on the site. So Thursday was Veteran’s Day, and I jumped on the opportunity to catch up after a 755 word day and a 24 word day. I wrote wrote wrote like crazy from 4pm until midnight, taking a dinner break and a bunch of other mini breaks. And my grand total?

Today (11th): 4,128 words
NaNo:            19,222 words
Grand total:    26,829 words

I finished right on target for my personal goal for the day, which I needed for my morale. I wrote a scene that had to be written but I didn’t know the exact logistics… but I figured it out, which is also good for my morale. And I am really happy with where I’m at with the storyline. The beginning is done, the middle will need to be done later, but I’m working on stuff leading up to the climax now, which is more fun to write at the moment. Yay for catching up, and beating the Week Two Blues! 🙂

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