NaNo 2010 Checkin: Day 30

I know I stopped checking in half way through the month, but I am happy to say… I won! I wrote 50k on the dot this year, bringing my story total to 57607 including what I wrote last year. I am not going to do any major edits before getting my free copy of my book from CreateSpace, because I like having unedited first drafts printed. I don’t actually know if or when I’ll come back to the story. It needs a lot of work. There are definitely things that need to be cut, things to add, and a lot probably needs to be changed. But I did it. There were times I doubted myself, but it’s always like that. Each NaNo, each book, is a different journey, but there are always similarities along the way. I hit 50k just before midnight, and validated just after. So now for the last day of November, I will get a head start on formatting my novel for publication.

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