Preparing for The Artist’s Way

I have had this journal for a while, but never knew what to do with it. I just knew it had to be special….

I’ve decided to use it for The Artist’s Way, which I’ve heard about before but never actually tried to work through. When Sara decided to start a group to do TAW together starting next month, I thought it would be absolutely perfect. I love writing anyway, and I can use this as a way to do more of both writing and art. This is a great time to start art journaling, which I’ve wanted to do for a long time anyway. I’m going to use this book for my Morning Pages, and a binder for my notes while I’m reading. I can also put other related things into the binder.

So that image is the two together. Next is the endpapers at the beginning of my MP book, decorated with Sharpie (a lot of it is faint because these papers are a bit shiny).

And then is the front of the binder, with the first page after the endpapers in my MP.

As you can see in this close-up of my art journal page, I used the same image as the front of the binder (image from online). I used a little bit of acrylic paint mixed with water on the whole page, then added collage images and words (I keep a box full of stuff I cut out of magazines for collaged and whatnot) and then painted over them with the acrylic/water wash, then I used a Sharpie to reinforce the lettering of the Scrabble tiles in the top image.

And finally, we see that since my art journal page was glued (both sides, actually) and painted, thus it folded, I called over two of my favorite big strong men to help flatten it overnight. May I present my friends Webster, and Roget:

Couple this with the fact that my copy of The Artist’s Way arrived Monday (purchased a paperback copy used via for less than $7 including shipping), and you have a very excited goddess right here. 🙂

If you go to the thread I linked to above, you can see where I posted a Word document of the info from the site where I got the image for my binder and my MP book. I’ve printed those pages and put them in my binder, as well as the PDF Sara linked to from Julia Cameron’s site. Now I have about three weeks to read the introductory material in the book. I think I can manage that.