The Artist’s Way

Along with some friends, I have just started working through Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way. (Hi, Goddess Circle sisters!) I am amazed by how helpful the Morning Pages are, and I’ve only done them two days so far. I get up (instead of hitting snooze for a half hour) and write out all my frustrations, and whatever else comes to mind, and I set about my day happier and lighter than usual. Wow, do I need this outlet right now!

We started January 4, the first New Moon of the new year, which Sara (I think) suggested as a very transformational time already. I read the introductory material before Christmas, to let all that sink in, and I’ve reread my notes on that stuff now as a refresher. I have heard a lot of positive things about this program before, and I’m excited to finally work through it… And with something like 60 other women in Goddess Circle who are also working through it! Sharing the experience is fun, and will also help a lot of us to stick with it. Everyone is so encouraging, and I’m trying to live up to that myself.

My MPs are great for what Cameron calls a “brain drain,” and then I am better able to get things done at work. Yesterday after writing my MPs, I immediately filled out the “gorgeous goddess day” planner page from the 2011 Goddess Year workbook. I love that I can choose an affirmation for the day. Today mine is “I exude joy in everything I do.” Joy is my new Word of the Year (have to post about that later), so I plan to start a collection of affirmations about joy that I can use throughout the year.

My first artist date this weekend? I’m thinking a bath with relaxing music and candles, followed by giving myself a pedicure. I need to do some self-nurturing for my body, and this sounds perfect.

2 thoughts on “The Artist’s Way

  1. Good for you, Michelle! We’re off to a great start.. I love your Artist’s Date idea. I am trying to institute Spa Thursdays so I do something along those lines once a week. Divine! Here’s to a wonderful rest of Week One!

  2. I am glad you are getting value out of TAW already (not to mention all the blessings of the circle hey!).

    I will be reading along to your journey + the other sisters!


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