Letter from my 8 year old self (TAW)

Dear Michelle,

Hi me! It’s me! I mean you! I mean… you know what I mean! I can’t stop putting exclamation points!!! Okay, I’m done now. Really I am. Really! I’m j/k, that was the last one.

So, um, you’re so old! Not as old as Mr. LoGuidice. (I’m really good at spelling his name now. He made us practice.) I don’t know what you’re like because it’s 20 years away. Are there flying cars yet? Do people live on the moon? Are you married? Do you have any kids? Will I ever stop asking questions? (NO!)

I’m guessing you would like to hear what I think your life is like. Well, if you did get married I hope you didn’t marry Gary (hey, that rhymed!) because he is so mean to me. I guess it would be okay to marry Danny or Mike or Kevin. They are very cute. WAIT! What am I saying? You might have married someone I don’t even know! Or maybe you’re not married and I’m making you feel bad! Okay, if you are not married, I’m sorry if I made you feel bad. Okay? Okay.

Are you still friends with anyone I know? Is Craig still mean to you a lot? Does Krissy still want to be just like you? Why can’t I stop asking questions?

Oh, I am supposed to be telling you what I think you’re like. I think you still love the color purple and that you are a famous ballerina. Or a published author. Are you rich and famous yet like Ann M. Martin?

Hmm, what else?

I think you live in a small house, but someday you want a bigger one. You have lots of money and a purple car and you don’t have any pets and you read a lot and write and color in coloring books, because I those are all really nice and fun things. I hope you don’t mind me being silly because I am! And I hope you don’t mind me asking a lot of questions.

Are you pretty? Of course you must be, because you’re me all grown up! I hope Daddy still gives you roses. He gave me a rose on my eighth birthday and I was really happy and I felt like a big grown up girl. And Mommy put it in the Bible in Matthew 8 so we will have it forever and ever. Okay, that is all.

Michelle (at 8 )


This letter is an exercise from Week 4 of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.