Review: Glitter Toes Kit

This is a pedicure I did that matched the manicure in my first post (see bottom of post), minus an accent nail. A few days later, on the left big toe, I added hot pink glitter from the Glitter Toes Kit sold at, which I bought through for $39. Was it worth the price? I think so. Was it worth the $91.50 the company claims it’s worth? No.

First of all, here’s a photo of the kit from the site. (I will gladly take it down if the company asks.)

Let’s break this down. Part of the crazy “value” price comes largely from the glitters themselves. The 12 little jars (they conveniently lock together, which is cute) are 5 grams of glitter, and each jar goes for $4.50 on the site. So for 12, that’s $54. The manicure brush sells for $1.49, orange stick for $0.49, toe separaters is $1.49, nail file is $0.99. (I think most polish addicts already have these, so they are not necessary to buy from the site.) That brings our total up to $58.46.

All that’s left are the two polish bottles, a Bonding Formula (base coat) and a Sealing Formula (top coat) that are supposedly made special to help the glitter adhere. These are sold in a pair for $19.95, or separately for $9.95… really? Almost ten dollars for a base and top coat? Using the set price, our total is now $78.41… So where does the $91.50 come in? Is the rest supposed to include shipping? I dunno, seems to me the price is still crazy… BUT $39 for all of the glitter and the polishes, that makes sense to me.

Enough with the cost. Let’s get to the review!

I don’t know that the Bonding and Sealing polishes are any better than other base and top coats that I have, since I didn’t experiment, but they do work well. It’s now a week later and the glitter hasn’t budged. Not even a single chip. And it looks so pretty! I can tell when I’m standing and looking down at my feet which toe has the Glitties glitter. You can kind of tell in the photo above, but click on it to see it bigger.

Would I buy this kit again? Tough one. I probably would, because I think the Groupon price was a good deal. I would not buy the kits at the regular price because I already have the tools. The glitter seems to be just like many glitters that you can find cheaper elsewhere, although I like the flower and starry glitters on the site (can you get glitter like that somewhere else? maybe). Might have to buy one or two of those. Plus there are hex glitters and flakies, which might be good for frankening. I want to try the glitter with other base and top coats to see how that works, and on my fingers with the Glitties Bonding and Sealing polishes to see if my nails chip quickly. If the Glitties polishes really do work best, then I might buy those again.

Base color: Orly Hottie (mini)
Glitter: NYC Starry Starry Glitter

Accent Nail: Glitties glitter, unknown exactly which pink but my guess is Hot Pink
Top coat: Seche Vite; Accent nail topped with Glitties Bonding polish, glitter, then Glitties Sealing polish

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  1. Thanks PrettyInPinkPolish for the review. We love working with professional polish addicts because they get it. The Polish is certainly special and formulated to keep those beautiful glitter toes on. While we do not plan on calling ourselves a gel or acting like anything other than a long lasting polish we have tested and tested and tested to find the best solution for the end consumer that will last. Please let us know if you want any other glitties and I will hook you up, and enjoy your fabulous glitter toes!

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