Let’s Be Frank-en

I still have to post about my first franken, which I did a few weeks ago, but tonight I want to talk about my second. I started with a dark green-blue eye shadow that looked very mermaidy (non name-brand). I added quite a bit of Zoya Anchor top coat, and some Zoya Purity to lighten it up. It ended up a pretty shade of blue. I used a plastic pallette to try out a couple different glitters, but they didn’t look as good as it does on its own. I painted it on eight nails, accenting with Orly It’s Up To Blue on the ring fingers. Then I added Lori Hill Shadow’s Spectra Flair Top Coat, aka gLORIous. Here’s the final look, although I’m sure it will look a lot more holo in the sunlight tomorrow.

I’ve named my franken Knock Knock, Blue’s There? (I’m trying to be cutesy like the nail polish companies like OPI and Essie – did I succeed or does it suck?) So far I am leaving it like this, but tomorrow I may get bored and add rhinestones or stamping.

Base color: Knock Knock, Blue’s There? (my franken)
Accent nail base color: Orly It’s Up To Blue
Topcoat: gLORIous

3 thoughts on “Let’s Be Frank-en

  1. Thanks, glad you like it! Unfortunately I can't make more because I used all of the eyeshadow. It was in one of those makeup kits they sell in stores around Christmas time that aren't a well-known brand, and I've had it for a few years so I have no idea what “brand” it sold under.I plan on posting about my pink franken soon, and that one I will be able to replicate pretty easily. 🙂

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