Postponing my Pink Wednesday post

I’ve been doing my Pink Wednesday manicure on Tuesdays, but yesterday I didn’t quite get it done. I’ve actually had bare nails since Saturday, which is highly odd. Now I know why I was hesitating… I got nail mail today. 🙂 From the lovely Traci, I got 5 bottles of OPI, including my very first DS!

OPI: DS Ruby, Ocean Love Potion, My Fave Wave, Greece Just
Blue Me Away, Pompeii Purple, Louvre Me Louvre Me Not

I am so excited. DS Ruby is gorgeous! My nails are short at the moment, but I wish they were longer because nubbins don’t do this color justice. I will take photos and post them tomorrow because it’s overcast here today. And raining. But wow, I am absolutely in love with this color. A little dark for a “pink” Wednesday, but it’s my blog and I say it counts. 😛 LOL