Blog Spotlight: For Love and Polish

Time to introduce another friend! This is Stephanie:

OMG, how cute is she?! Stephanie writes a blog called For Love and Polish. A couple months ago I bought the Bundle Monster stamping plates when they were on sale, and I was accidentally sent an extra of one plate. I posted on Facebook, in one of my polish-obsession groups, that I was willing to send it free of charge to the first person who commented, and Stephanie was first to respond. So I popped it in the mail, and never heard back.

…until yesterday! Stephanie finally got a chance to try out the stamping plate, and she wrote a post about it! (Hello to anyone who came here from her blog post, and welcome! Kick up your feet and stay a while!) You can read about her lovely green manicure, and then subscribe to her blog. She rocks and deserves your love. 🙂

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