Dupe Alert! Zoya Charla vs NYX Sea of Cortez

This is my second comparison post- I feel like a “real” polish blogger!

I fell in love with NYX Girls Sea of Cortez as soon as I saw it online, but when I got it home it reminded me of Zoya Charla. Here are the bottles side by side:

In the bottle, Zoya Charla is a bit more green. Both are a lovely mermaid-y shade of blue-green with sparkles.

From left to right: 1 coat Charla, 1 coat Sea of Cortez, 2 coats Charla, 2 coats Sea of Cortez, 3 coats Charla, 3 coats Sea of Cortez, 2 coats Charla

Sea of Cortez is clearly less opaque with one coat. I think the closest match is 3 coats Sea of Cortez and 2 coats Charla, which is why I added that on the end. But it’s not a dupe. Charla has green glitter, which you can easily see if you click on the picture to enlarge it. Sea of Cortez is just blue glitter. However, Zoya Charla retails for $8 and NYX Girls Sea of Cortez was $1.99 at beautyjoint.com (you’ll find it listed as Sea of Glitter, but the number is 200 on both the site and the bottle; the bottle says Sea of Cortez).

If you want the look for less, go with Sea of Cortez. You could probably even find a green glitter top coat to make it more of a dupe. Feel free to add suggestions for this in the comments, and maybe I’ll get it and post a swatch later. 🙂

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