Blog Spotlight: Nailtique

Long boring story that I’m not going to tell you about, but there will be no Pink Wednesday post this week. I took my polish off Sunday and haven’t put anything else on. This is the longest I’ve gone without polish in a few months and it looks so WEIRD now! Especially my toes… did you know my toe nails are NOT naturally pink or purple? I had forgotten… Been too busy to do a new mani, and I haven’t even been keeping up with shaping them after a few breaks. I think when all is said and done (you know, that stuff I’m not going to say that I’ve been doing), I will go pay for a mani/pedi because I’m crappy at shaping my nails, and because BELIEVE ME I deserve it.

Since I haven’t posted anything in a few days… maybe more than a few… it’s time for another blog spotlight! This is Rhonni:

So cute! I love how happy she looks here, and her glasses are perfection. 🙂 Rhonni is in a polish group with me on Facebook, and she writes the blog Nailtique. Do you know about that crazy wonderful glitter polish that OPI did called Mad As A Hatter (MAAH)? It’s at least triple the original price if you can get it now, on ebay or whatever, but Rhonni created a dupe she calls Crazy as a Capper, and it is amaze-balls. I can’t afford to spend $35+ on MAAH, so I purchased a bottle of CAAC from her, and I absolutely love it. Check out her blog and tell her Michelle from Pretty in Pink Polish sent you. 🙂

Next week I promise not only Pink Wednesday, but I will also use CAAC in the mani somehow so you can see my take on it.

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