ManGlaze: Fuck Off & Dye, ILF

Today I got my ManGlaze polishes! I’ve never tried this company before, but I’ve heard great things. My nails are newly cut down but not filed, and my hands are dry, and the stamping job is not perfect… but I couldn’t wait to show off this polish. The base is Fuck Off & Dye, and the stamping is ILF using the dolphin stamp in the free Born Pretty Store plate. Here’s the photo:

The pink is gorgeous, the green is gorgeous, and together they are gorgeous. This matte finish is perfect too. The only problem? It dries too fast for stamping. But I think it would be perfect as a tape mani. Actually, I might try a “funky French” with pink nails and green tips.

I think I’m gonna try adding Seche Vite on top to see how it looks glossy, and to see if it makes the stamping look better… but next time, I’ll leave it matte. 🙂

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